• Rapid Nanowelding of Carbon Coatings onto Glass Fibers by Electrothermal Shock
    With the rapid development of nanomanufacturing, scaling up of nanomaterials requires advanced manufacturing technology to composite nanomaterials with disparate materials (ceramics, metals, and polymers) to achieve hybrid properties and coupling performances for practical applicat......
    lchaoxu 写于2020.08.10
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  • Supramolecular–covalent hybrid polymers for light-activated mechanical actuation
    Researchers at Northwestern University have developed a family of soft materials that imitates living creatures. As they report in a paper in......
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  • 具有自组装扭曲微结构的蒸气敏感材料
    12月2020日,XNUMX (Nanowerk新闻)日本高级科学技术研究院(JAIST)的研究人员:研究生Kulisara Budpud,副教授。 Okeyoshi Kosuke教授,冈岛舞子(Maiko Okajima)博士和金尾达夫(Tatsuo Kaneko)教授揭示了一种独特的多糖纤维,其在干燥过程中形成的扭曲结构形成了类似于弹簧的行为。 扭曲结构的类似弹簧的行为实际上被用作具有毫秒级响应时间的蒸气敏感膜中的增强结构。 这项工作发表在 小 (“具有自组装扭曲微结构的多糖纤维的蒸气敏感性材料”).  图1.蛇形,扭曲和笔直结构的自组装多糖单纤维的光学显微镜图像。 图......
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  • Nanomaterial gives robots chameleon skin
    A new film made of gold nanoparticles changes color in response to any type of movement. Its unprecedented qualities could allow robots to mimic chameleons and octopi—among other futuristic a......
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  • Phenolic Building Blocks for the Assembly of Functional Materials
    Phenolic materials have long been known for their use in inks, wood coatings, and leather tanning. However, there has recently been a renewed interest in engineering advanced materials from phenolic building blocks. The intrinsic properties of phenolic compounds, such as metal chelation, hydrogen bonding, pH respons......
    lchaoxu 写于2020.06.16
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  • Walking like a millipede
    Researchers at ETH and Empa have shown that tiny objects can be made from silicon that are much more deformable and stronger than previously thought. In this way, sensors in smartphones could be made smaller and more robust.Metachronal waves commonly exist in natural cilia carpets. These emergent phenomena, w......
    lchaoxu 写于2020.06.11
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  • Magnetic liquid structure elucidated through hybrid reverse Monte Carlo simulation
    A research team lead by Ryusuke Futamura of Shinshu University investigated the response of magnetic ionic liquids (MIL) to magnetic fields from the microscopic view points. Magnetic fluids, which can respond to magnetic fields, can be made by dispersing ferromagnetic nanoparticles in a solvent. Some pure liq......
    lchaoxu 写于2020.06.09
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  • The robot that grips without touching
    ETH Pioneer Fellow Marcel Schuck is developing a robotic gripper that can manipulate small and fragile objects without touching them. The technology is based on sound waves.he small installation that Marcel Schuck has assembled on his workbench is reminiscent of a school physics lesson: an arrangement, compri......
    lchaoxu 写于2020.01.22
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  • A transparent, self-healing and high-κ dielectric for low-field-emission stretchable optoelectronics
    Stretchable optoelectronic materials are essential for applications in wearable electronics, human–machine interfaces and soft robots. However, intrinsically stretchable optoelectronic devices such as light-emitting capacitors usually require high driving alternating voltages and excitation frequencies to ac......
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