• Electrochemically reconfigurable architected materials
    Architected materials can actively respond to external stimuli—such as mechanical forces, hydration and magnetic fields—by changing their geometries and thereby achieve novel functionalities. Such transformations are usually binary and volatile because they toggle between ‘on’ and ‘off’ states and require pe......
    lchaoxu 写于2019.10.21
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  • Self-Sterilizing Laser-Induced Graphene Bacterial Air Filter
    Nosocomial infections transmitted through airborne, droplet, aerosol, and particulate-transported modes pose substantial infection risks to patients and healthcare employees. In this study, we demonstrate a self-cleaning filter comprised of laser-induced graphene (LIG), a porous conductive graphene foam form......
    lchaoxu 写于2019.10.16
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  • A multifunctional shape-morphing elastomer with liquid metal inclusions
    Natural soft tissue achieves a rich variety of functionality through a hierarchy of molecular, microscale, and mesoscale structures and ordering. Inspired by such architectures, we introduce a soft, multifunctional composite capable of a unique combination of sensing, mechanically robust electronic connectiv......
    lchaoxu 写于2019.10.16
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  • Hydrogel uses sunlight to harvest fresh water from the sea
    In many arid coastal regions, a great quantity of valuable fresh water is lost into the atmosphere every day, as it evaporates from the surface of the ocean. This situation prompted scientists to create a new hydrogel that's highly effective at capturing moisture from the sea air, and then releasing it as......
    lchaoxu 写于2019.08.13
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  • Cooling/heating window film captures and releases solar energy
    The MOST window film keeps rooms from heating up during the day, but warms them at night(Credit: Yen Strandqvist/Chalmers University of Technology )...
    lchaoxu 写于2019.08.13
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