• Liquid metal flows smoothly at room temperatures
    Researchers in the US have elimi......
    lchaoxu 写于2020.08.28
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  • 指甲油 for Nanoimprint Lithography
    Nanoimprinting lithography (NIL) is a next-generation nanofabrication method, capable of replicating nanostructures from original master surfaces. Here, we develop highly scalable, simple, and nondestructive NIL using a dissolvable template. Terme......
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  • Autonomous snapping and jumping polymer gels
    Inspired by the way plants like Venus flytraps can snap closed and reset t......
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  • Electrically charged paper goes from firm to soft at flick of a switch
    Taking inspiration from the way sea cucumbers can strengthen their exterior when in danger, scientists in Germany have developed a novel wafer-thin paper material that can transition from firm to soft via an electrical switch. The researche......
    lchaoxu 写于2021.03.25
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  • New porous material promising for making renewable energy from water
  • Facile Synthesis of a Library of Hollow Metallic Particles through the Galvanic Replacement of Liquid Gallium
    Hollow metallic capsules are of great interest given the large specific surface area and optical, electrical, and catalytic properties. To expand the possibilities of application and research of inorganic nano- and microparticles, new metho......
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  • Micro-environmental influences on artificial micromotors
  • Polymer gels and gold nanoparticles produce oscillating platform
    Scientists have long sought to invent materials that can respond......
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  • Light-powered soft robots could suck up oil spills
  • 吉林大学汪大洋教授《德国应化》:阴离子水合作用新发现!可用于制备自清洁涂层_新闻_新材料在线
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