• Mildly Peeling Off and Encapsulating Large MXene Nanosheets with Rigid Biologic Fibrils for Synchronization of Solar Evaporation and Energy Harvest,ACS nano,2022,Xinpeng Che, Weihua Zhang, Lifen Long, Xiaofang Zhang, Danfeng Pei, Mingjie Li, Chaoxu Li
    Efficient and nondestructive liquid exfoliation of MXene with large lateral size has drawn growing research interest due to its outstanding properties and diverse potential applications. The conventional sonication method, though enabling a high production yield of MXene nanosheets, broke them down into submicrometr......
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  • Reversible Wet-Adhesive and Self-Healing Conductive Composite Elastomer of Liquid Metal,Advanced Functional Materials ,2022,Danfeng Pei, Shanyu Yu, Ping Liu, Yongpeng Wu, Xiaofang Zhang, Yijun Chen, Mingjie Li, Chaoxu Li,DOI: 10.1002/adfm.202204257
    Stretchable conductors with the combination of high elasticity and electric conductivity have long been pursued in soft electronics. Liquid metals (LMs), whose mechanical properties match well with the elastomeric matrix, have been successfully applied in soft robotics, electronic skins and wearable devices. But it ......
    wangsuxv 写于2022.07.13
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  • Encapsulating Amidoximated Nanofibrous Aerogels within Wood Cell Tracheids for Efficient Cascading Adsorption of Uranium Ions.ACS nano. 2022.Weihua Zhang, Chunlin Xu, Xinpeng Che, Ting Wang, Stefan Willför, Mingjie Li*, and Chaoxu Li*.
    Continuous filtering adsorption has drawn growing interest in the exploration of uranium resources in seawater and reduction in the environmental risks of uraniferous wastewater from nuclear industries. For most filtering adsorbents, repeated filtration, high membrane thickness, and high pressure are normally essent......
    wangsuxv 写于2022.11.15
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  • Amyloid-templated polydopamine nanofibers for catecholic immobilization of catalytic noble metal nanoparticles,Chemical Communications,2022,Lv Lili, Wang Yanwei, You Jun , Li Mingjie  and Li Chaoxu
    Dopamine molecules were oxidized and self-polymerized into nanofibers via a template of lysozyme amyloid nanofibrils. The catechol groups adsorbed noble metal ions on the surface of the PDA nanofibers and in situ reduced them into metallic nanoparticles with excellent catalytic activities. This study will not only p......
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  • Biofibrous nanomaterials for extracting strategic metal ions from water.Exploration.2022. Weihua Zhang,Xinpeng Che,Danfeng Pei,Xiaofang Zhang,Yijun Chen,Mingjie Li,Chaoxu Li.
    Strategic metals play an indispensable role in the related industries. Their extraction and recovery from water are of great significance due to both their rapid consumption and environmental concern. Biofibrous nanomaterials have shown great advantages in capturing metal ions from water. Recent progress in extracti......
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  • Dynamic but Mechanically Robust and Ultrafast Healable Ionogel for Nerve Fiber-inspired Signal Transmitter.journal of materials chemistry A.2022.Ping Liu,   Danfeng Pei,   Yongpeng Wu,   Mingjie Li,   xihui zhao  and  Chaoxu Li
    Mechanical robustness in combination of ultrafast healablity has been in pursuit for soft conductors in applications of flexible electronics. Inspired by the unique dense H-bond arrays in spider silk and the rapid diselenide metathesis under visible light irradiation, herein, a dynamic, robust and ultrafast healable......
    wangsuxv 写于2022.11.15
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  • Zwitterionic dynamic elastomer with high ionic conductivity for self-adhesive and transparent electronic skin,Chemical Engineering Journal,2022,Danfeng Pei, Shanyu Yu, Xiaofang Zhang, Yijun Chen, Mingjie Li, Chaoxu Li,DOI:10.1016/j.cej.2022.136741
    High electric conductivity in combination of stretchability has been in pursuit for soft conductors in applications of flexible electronics. Polyionic elastomers, though showing superiority to conductive composite elastomers in transparency and stretchable conductivity, hydrogels and ionogels in maintaining performa......
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  • Interfacial Electrochemical Polymerization for Spinning Liquid Metals into Core−Shell Wires,ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces ,2022,Lifen Long, Xinpeng Che, Peifan Yao, Xihua Zhang,Jingwei Wang, Mingjie Li,and Chaoxu Li,DOI:10.1021/acsami.2c02247
    Metal wires are of great significance in applications such as three-dimensional (3D) printing, soft electronics, optics, and metamaterials. Ga-based liquid metals (e.g., EGaIn), though uniquely combining metallic conductivity, fluidity, and biocompatibility, remain challenging to be spun due to their low viscosity, ......
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  • Iridescent coating of graphene oxide on various substrates,Journal of Colloid and Interface Science,2022,Chaoyi Cheng, Xiaofang Zhang, Mingjie Li, Danfeng Pei, Yijun Chen, Xihui Zhao, Chaoxu Li,DOI:10.1016/j.jcis.2022.03.050
    Two-dimensional nanomaterials have been incorporated into coating layers for exceptional properties in mechanic toughness, electronics, thermology and optics. Graphene oxide (GO), however, was greatly hindered by its strong adsorption within visible wavelength and hereby the intrinsic dark color at the solid state. ......
    wangsuxv 写于2022.05.31
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  • Bubble-Templated Design of Superelastic Cellulose Foam as a Durable Ionotropic Sensor,ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering,2022,Xue An, Xiaofang Zhang, Mingjie Li, Danfeng Pei, Xiaomei Ma, Chaoxu Li,DOI:10.1021/acssuschemeng.1c07830
    Introduction of superelasticity and electric conductivity into ecofriendly and biocompatible cellulose-based foams is highly in pursuit for applications in wearable sensors, artificial skin, and soft robotics. Nevertheless, producing superelastic materials with electric conductivity often fails due to the mechanical......
    wangsuxv 写于2022.05.31
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