• Interfacial Electrochemical Polymerization for Spinning Liquid Metals into Core−Shell Wires,ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces ,2022,Lifen Long, Xinpeng Che, Peifan Yao, Xihua Zhang,Jingwei Wang, Mingjie Li,and Chaoxu Li,DOI:10.1021/acsami.2c02247
    Metal wires are of great significance in applications such as three-dimensional (3D) printing, soft electronics, optics, and metamaterials. Ga-based liquid metals (e.g., EGaIn), though uniquely combining metallic conductivity, fluidity, and biocom......
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  • Zwitterionic dynamic elastomer with high ionic conductivity for self-adhesive and transparent electronic skin,Chemical Engineering Journal,2022,Danfeng Pei, Shanyu Yu, Xiaofang Zhang, Yijun Chen, Mingjie Li, Chaoxu Li,DOI:10.1016/j.cej.2022.136741
    High electric conductivity in combination of stretchability has been in pursuit for soft conductors in applications of flexible electronics. Polyionic elastomers, though showing superiority to conductive composite elastomers in transparency and st......
    wangsuxv 写于2022.07.13
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  • Reversible Wet-Adhesive and Self-Healing Conductive Composite Elastomer of Liquid Metal,Advanced Functional Materials ,2022,Danfeng Pei, Shanyu Yu, Ping Liu, Yongpeng Wu, Xiaofang Zhang, Yijun Chen, Mingjie Li, Chaoxu Li,DOI: 10.1002/adfm.202204257
    Stretchable conductors with the combination of high elasticity and electric conductivity have long been pursued in soft electronics. Liquid metals (LMs), whose mechanical properties match well with the elastomeric matrix, have been successfully ap......
    wangsuxv 写于2022.07.13
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  • Rifled microtubes with helical and conductive ribs for endurable sensing device ,Chemical Engineering Journal,2023,Suxu Wang , Yijun Chen , Danfeng Pei , Xiaofang Zhang , Mingjie Li , Dongmei Xu , Chaoxu Li ,DOI:10.1016/j.cej.2023.142939
    Helical fibers represent of one of the most extraordinary objects in living organisms and have recently produced through a coaxial microfluidic spinning process. But the requirement of collection capillaries may limit scalable production because o......
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  • Tough and Photo-Plastic Liquid Crystal Elastomer with a 2-Fold Dynamic Linker for Artificial Muscles. ACS applied materials interfaces. 2023. Yongpeng Wu , Danfeng Pei*, Fang Wei, Ping Liu, Mingjie Li, Tingxi Li*, and Chaoxu Li*.DOI:10.1021/acsami.3c08390
    Liquid crystal elastomers (LCEs) have been optimized by combining cross-linkers and dynamic bonds to achieve a reversible actuation behavior comparable to living skeletal muscles. In this study, one unique type of segment with 2-fold dynamic prope......
    wangsuxv 写于2023.09.11
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  • Two-Dimensionally Nano-Capsulating Liquid Metal for Self-Sintering and Self-Oscillating Bimorph Composites with Persistent Energy-Harvest Property, Advanced Functional Materials ,2023
    Two-Dimensionally Nano-Capsulating Liquid Metal for Self-Sintering and Self-Oscillating Bimorph Composites with Persistent Energy-Harvest Property, Advanced Functional Materials ,2023 Xinpeng Che, Ting Wang, Bailang Zhang, Zhuanzhuan Z......
    wangsuxv 写于2023.09.26
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  • Capturing aqueous uranyl ions into catalytic nanometric shells of liquid metal droplets for electrochemical reduction,Chemical Engineering Journal,2024,Zhuanzhuan Zhai, Lifen Long , Xinpeng Che , Bailang Zhang , Ting Wang , Mingjie Li , Chaoxu Li
    Extraction of aqueous uranium element for practical applications has drawn growing attention due to its significance for both green energy acquirement and ecological environment remediation. Herein, the liquid metal droplets produced by a facile u......
    wangsuxv 写于2024.04.02
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  • Zwitterionic liquid crystal elastomer with unusual dependence of ionic conductivity on strain and temperature for smart wearable fabric.Chemical Engineering Journal.2024.Yongpeng Wu , Fang Wei , Tingxi Li , Mingjie Li , Danfeng Pei , Chaoxu Li.
    Stretchable ionic conductors are appealing for soft electronics, yet frequently had their conductivities limited below the level desired by many applications, and also lack the ability of simultaneously actuating and sensing their own motions, res......
    wangsuxv 写于2024.05.09
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  • Coaxially spinning stretchable zin-ion battery fiber with waterproof and scissorability.Nano Energy. 2024. Ling Li , Yijun Chen , Suxu Wang , Danfeng Pei , Mingjie Li , Tingxi Li , Chaoxu Li DOI:10.1016/j.nanoen.2024.109662
    Wearable energy storage with super mechanic flexibility, stretchability and safety has been in pursuit for smart flexible textiles. Fiber batteries, though having their superiority in spinnability, knittability and adaptability for breathable text......
    wangsuxv 写于2024.05.09
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