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    Nanostructured MnO2 is one of the most promising electrode materials for supercapacitors (SCs) on account of its exceptional properties including high theoretical capacitance, natural abundance, environmental safety and low cost. However its merits cannot be fully embodied by its current synthesis approaches, since ......
    lvll 写于2019.06.18
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    A novel alginate-involving method has been developed to prepare hollow SnO2 micro fibers, in which a wet spinning process was combined with pyrolysis oxidation to facilitate scalable production. The resulting hollow SnO2 micro fibers consisted of numerous SnO2 nanoparticles with pure tetragonal phase within the micr......
    lvll 写于2019.06.18
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    Two-dimensional GO nanosheets and one-dimensional lysozyme nanofibrils were hybridized through electrostatic interaction to get a novel amyloid-GO composite, which promised a biocompatible immobilization platform for Au nanocatalysts as well as enzymes. The immobilization platform could load a large and tunable amou......
    lvll 写于2019.06.18
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    With the help of marine alginate, Zn(OH)2 nanorods were synthesized under mild conditions (e.g., room temperature and atmospheric pressure) through a one-step, green, and scalable method, in which both the morphologies (e.g., nanorods and nanoflakes) and nanoscale sizes of Zn(OH)2 could be precisely controlled by al......
    lvll 写于2019.06.18
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    Single-crystal Au microflakes with the planar area over 103 μm2 (i.e. being accessible to the human eye resolution) were synthesized in an environment-friendly route by directing two-dimensional growth of Au nanocrystals into macroscopic scales with amino acids as both reducing agents and capping agents. Side groups......
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    Green low-cost synthesis and efficient recyclability are two major hindrances for Au nanocrystals as catalysts applying in diverse industrial reaction processes. By the use of low-cost α-zein (i.e. a major storage protein of corn) as the reductant, capping agent and stabilizer, Au nanocrystals with tunable catalytic......
    lvll 写于2019.06.18
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    Protein fibrillation serves a broad range of biological functions from surface colonising to mechanically reinforcing structures; it is also associated with the development of neurodegenerative disorders. Although fibrillation is considered to be an inherent ability of polypeptides to form backbones, relevant studie......
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    Two dimensional (2D) nanocrystals of noble metals (e.g., Au, Ag, Pt) often have unique structural and environmental properties which make them useful for applications in electronics, optics, sensors and biomedicines. In recent years, there has been a focus on discovering the fundamental mechanisms which govern the s......
    lvll 写于2019.06.18
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    The fascinating roles of two-dimensional (2D) nanomaterials in natural super-strong bio-composites (i.e. aragonite platelets in nacre and apatite platelets in bone) have aroused great interest in scientific communities to synthesize their artificial counterparts with controllable geometric and physical properties. T......
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    A facile, green procedure is proposed to synthesize single‐crystal gold microflakes with planar area up to 104 μm2. This unprecedented dimension offers new possibilities in designing flexible conductive films with tunable strain‐dependent conductivity, that can be exploited in strain/force/vibration......