• Asymmetric ionic aerogel of biologic nanofibrils for harvesting electricity from moisture W Yang, X Li, X Han, W Zhang, Z Wang, X Ma, M Li, C Li Nano Energy 2020, 71, 104610
    Artificial asymmetric ionic membranes have attracted great interests in harvesting electricity from ubiquitous water activities, while mostly based on delicately-designed nanopores/nanochannels, either to harness saline water in mimic of cytomembr......
    lchaoxu 写于2020.06.16
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  • Bovine serum albumin fibrous biofilm template synthesis of metallic nanomeshes for surface-enhanced Raman scattering and electrocatalytic detection X Wu, L Lv, X Han, C Li - Materials & Design, 2020, 192, 108777
    Porous metallic architectures with well-defined networks possess multiple reactivity center and large specific surface area, offer improved catalytic activity, adsorption capacity, and sensing abilities than bulk materials, thus be an increasingly......
    lchaoxu 写于2020.06.16
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  • Biocompatible and self-healing ionic gel skin as shape-adaptable and skin-adhering sensor of human motions …, D Pei, Z Wang, M Li, X Ma, J You, C Li - Chemical Engineering Journal 2020, 398, 125540
    Artificial electric skin, which is capable of strongly adhering to different parts of human bodies and precisely detect different types of human motions, shows great promise for biomedical prosthetics, human/machine interfaces, wearable devices an......
    lchaoxu 写于2020.06.16
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  • Quaternized Silk Nanofibrils for Electricity Generation from Moisture and Ion Rectification. ACS Nano, 2020, Weiqing Yang; Lili Lv; Xiankai Li; Xiao Han; Mingjie Li; Chaoxu Li, DOI: 10.1021/acsnano.0c04686
    Protein nanostructures in living organisms have attracted intense interests in biology and material science owing to their intriguing abilities to harness ion transportation for matter/signal transduction and bioelectricity generation. Silk nanofi......
    lvll 写于2020.08.09
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  • Synergetic and persistent harvesting of electricity and potable water from ambient moisture with biohybrid fibrils,Journal of Materials Chemistry A,2022,Xiao Han, Weihua Zhang, Xinpeng Che, Lifen Long, Mingjie Li, Chaoxu Li,DOI:10.1039/D1TA10865D
    Harnessing ambient moisture for energy and water is an attractive strategy to address the decentralized demand for sustainable energy and uncontaminated water supplies, especially in arid and hydropenic regions. Although discontinuous harvesting o......
    wangsuxv 写于2022.05.31
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  • Rapid and manual-shaking exfoliation of amidoximated cellulose nanofibrils for a large-capacity filtration capture of uranium,Journal of Materials Chemistry A,2022
    The efficient extraction of the aquatic uranium element has drawn growing research interest because of its importance for both nuclear energy acquirement and water environmental remediation. Large-capacity, rapid filtration adsorption is promising......
    wangsuxv 写于2022.05.31
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  •  Guiding cellular channels of artificial nanohybrid woods for anisotropic properties and solar-thermal evaporation,Chemical Engineering Journal,2022,Xiaofang Zhang, Tongping Zhang, Xue An, Mingjie Li, Danfeng Pei, Jianming Zhang, Chaoxu Li
    Natural evolution offers woods with intriguing multicomponent and anisotropic cellular structures, and endows super physicochemical properties. In order to compete with natural woods, many types of artificial woods were endeavored from polymers to......
    wangsuxv 写于2022.05.31
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  • Bubble-Templated Design of Superelastic Cellulose Foam as a Durable Ionotropic Sensor,ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering,2022,Xue An, Xiaofang Zhang, Mingjie Li, Danfeng Pei, Xiaomei Ma, Chaoxu Li,DOI:10.1021/acssuschemeng.1c07830
    Introduction of superelasticity and electric conductivity into ecofriendly and biocompatible cellulose-based foams is highly in pursuit for applications in wearable sensors, artificial skin, and soft robotics. Nevertheless, producing superelastic ......
    wangsuxv 写于2022.05.31
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  • Encapsulating Amidoximated Nanofibrous Aerogels within Wood Cell Tracheids for Efficient Cascading Adsorption of Uranium Ions.ACS nano. 2022.Weihua Zhang, Chunlin Xu, Xinpeng Che, Ting Wang, Stefan Willför, Mingjie Li*, and Chaoxu Li*.
    Continuous filtering adsorption has drawn growing interest in the exploration of uranium resources in seawater and reduction in the environmental risks of uraniferous wastewater from nuclear industries. For most filtering adsorbents, repeated filt......
    wangsuxv 写于2022.11.15
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  • Two-Dimensionally Nano-Capsulating Liquid Metal for Self-Sintering and Self-Oscillating Bimorph Composites with Persistent Energy-Harvest Property, Advanced Functional Materials ,2023
    Two-Dimensionally Nano-Capsulating Liquid Metal for Self-Sintering and Self-Oscillating Bimorph Composites with Persistent Energy-Harvest Property, Advanced Functional Materials ,2023 Xinpeng Che, Ting Wang, Bailang Zhang, Zhuanzhuan Z......
    wangsuxv 写于2023.09.26
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