• Supramolecular proteinaceous biofilms as trapping sponges for biologic water treatment and durable catalysis, X Wu, X Han, L Lv, M Li, J You, C Li, J. colloid interf. sci. 2018, 527, 117
    Inspired by the bacterial biofilms and chorions of living organisms which are made by proteinaceous assemblies and functional for multi-applications, various artificial protein fibrils-based nanoporous films are developed, and show their potential applications in multiple field......
    lchaoxu 写于2018.09.03
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  • Intensifying solar-thermal harvest of low-dimension biologic nanostructures for electric power and solar desalination, L Zong, M Li, C Li, Nano Energy 2018,50, 308-315
    High-efficiency solar harvest and solar-thermal conversion have been targeted in modern sustainable energy science for diverse potential applications. However, broad applications with inorganic nanomaterials as solar-nanoheaters have suffered from low conversion ......
    lchaoxu 写于2018.09.03
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  • Trans-scale 2D synthesis of millimeter-large Au single crystals via silk fibroin templates,L Lv, X Wu, Y Yang, X Han, R Mezzenga, C Li , ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 2018, 6 (9), 12419-12425
    The largest possible planar surfaces are highly sought for two-dimensional (2D) Au single-crystals applicable in catalysis, biomedicine, electronics, sensing, and optics. However, conventional chemical methods of synthesis are current......
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